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YMJ Air bubble remover machine Medium size

YMJ Air bubble remover machine Medium size

♦ . Suitable volume ,convenient and practical, weight 26kg
♦ . Temperature, time, pressure can be set up.
♦ . Applicable to eliminate the capacitive touch screen, resistive screen, LCD module production process generated by the bubbles.
♦ . Using of pressure and temperature to remove air bubbles generated in the bonding process of Polaroid, this program will enhance the adhesion force between different material.
♦ . Small volume, covers an area of less, deaeration effect is good, convenient and practical use.
♦ . Using natural cooling method,the protection against high temperature and overpressure.
♦ . With high precision air filter.
♦ . Good safety performance, simple operation, don't need to care.
♦ . A high degree of automation with high productivity.

Packing: boxed
Product number: 115600
Manufacturer part nr.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rZs8BDli_g&t=42s

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